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Rosters & Panels





At Widgeon Dispute Resolution, we offer a personal and professional Alternate Dispute Resolution experience.

Betty is an Arbitrator, Mediator, JTC Special Master, Fact-Finder, and a principal at Widgeon Dispute Resolution, PLC. She is a retired judge who has over 30 years of experience in resolving civil and criminal disputes, and she also has extensive training in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has entered hundreds of decisions and opinions – including in many cases involving labor, employment, EEOC, and consumer issues. Betty practices in 41 cities in 22 states and covers a wide variety of issues in 16 industries. She is on several panels and rosters, including the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) Panels for Labor, Commercial, and Employment Arbitration and Mediation Panels; the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) Labor Panel; the USPS & APWU & NALC rosters, and the Fact-Finding Panels for the Michigan Employment Relations Commission and the Ohio State Employment Relations Bureau.



Arbitration Rosters

  • American Arbitration Association (Labor, Commercial and Employment Arbitration Panels)

  • Arbitration Mediation Service (AMS) Panel

  • Coal Arbitration Panel

  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) Labor Panel

  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) (Arbitrator Panel)

  • National Mediation Board (NMB)

  • Resolute Systems, LLC Arbitration Panel



Mediation Rosters

  • American Arbitration Association Employment Mediation Panel

  • Resolute Systems, LLC Mediation Panel


Permanent Arbitration Panels

  • Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC)

  • State Employment Relations Bureau (SERB)

  • Wayne County /AFSCME


  • Alabama (Birmingham, Montgomery)

  • Arizona (Tucson, Phoenix)

  • California (San Diego, Sacramento)

  • Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs)

  • Florida (Orlando, Miami)

  • Georgia (Atlanta, Columbus)

  • Idaho (Boise)

  • Illinois (Chicago, Springfield)

  • Maine (Bridgeport, Augusta)

  • Maryland/D.C. (Baltimore)

  • Michigan (Lansing, Ann Arbor)

  • Mississippi (Jackson)

  • New Mexico (Santa Fe)

  • North Carolina (Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh/Durham)

  • South Carolina (Greenville, Spartanburg)

  • Ohio (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati)

  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)

  • Texas (Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth)

  • Virginia (Norfolk, Richmond, Blacksburg)

  • West Virginia (Charleston, Morgantown)

  • Washington (Seattle)

  • Wisconsin (Madison, Milwaukee)

  • Automotive

  • Coal Mining

  • Communications

  • Education

  • Health Care

  • Health Insurance

  • Office Workers/Clerical

  • Police and Fire

  • Railroads

  • Real Estate

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Stores

  • Steel

  • Trucking and Storage

  • Upholstering

  • Utilities

  • Affirmative Action; Absenteeism; Arbitrability

  • Bargaining Unit Work

  • Conduct

  • Demotion; Discipline (Discharge); Discipline (Non-Discharge); Discrimination:  Age, Disability, Race, Sex, Religion, National Origin; Displacement; Drug/Alcohol Offenses,

  • Fringe Benefits: Bonus, Holidays, Insurance, Leave, Vacation

  • Grievance Mediation

  • Health/Hospitalization; Hiring Practices 

  • Job Performance; Job Posting/Bidding; Jurisdictional Disputes

  • Layoffs/Bumping/Recall

  • Management Rights

  • Official Time

  • Past Practices; Pension and Welfare Plans; Pension Claim (Fed. Statute); Promotion

  • Retirement

  • Safety/Health Conditions; Seniority, Sexual Harassment; Work Stoppages; Slowdowns; Subcontracting/Contracting Out

  • Tenure/Reappointment

  • Union Security

  • Wages: Cost-of-Living Pay, Holiday Pay, Incentive Pay, Job Classification and Rates, Merit Pay, Overtime Pay, Severance Pay, Vacation Pay; Work Hours/Schedules/Assignments; Working Conditions; Work Orders

  • Violence/Threats.

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